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Since his arrival in January 2005 to fill the car segment of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in Indonesia, Toyota Fortuner does not take long to become an idol in high class SUV. With display and dashing and born from reputable automobile manufacturer, the Fortuner SUV real Nuance offers to the community a fond of Indonesia will be a formidable vehicle for all terrain, and certainly comfortable to travel with the family. Proven from data sales, Toyota Fortuner managed to become market leader in its class through the year 2015.
Now for the sake of solidifying its position in the market of SUVS, Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has released the latest generation of its flagship SUV, entitled All New Fortuner. A new generation of Toyota Fortuner is becoming a welcome dish is so delicious opening ‘ in the year 2016. The presence of All New Fortuner this increasingly complement Toyota’s line-up in class high-class vehicle that had previously also been a presence All New Kijang Innova, which released the year-end 2015. Carrying the theme Leading the World ‘ plus frills All New before his name, Toyota Fortuner now actually comes with a thorough refresh in part initerior and exterior concept Stylish and Confidence ‘. A new design concept on the All New Toyota Fortuner has the feel of a fresher, more stylish, and of course the more dashing.
Present as filler segments high SUV, the All New Toyota Fortuner carries the design completely new. This time All New Fortuner performed with design more dashing with ‘ New design embraced a Tough and Bold Design ‘. Unlike its ageing generation who look more simple, on the All New Toyota Fortuner is we will find a beautiful SUV more luxurious and classy design. The reshuffle also served on the design of the headlights now look more slim accompanied with a change of accessories at body. While the kitchen sector designations, All New Toyota Fortuner this time already carry the engine specifications are completely new with two different engine options. For Indonesia, the All New Fortuner will be marketed with a coded Dual VVT-i 2TR gasoline capacity 2.7 litre, and diesel engine 2GD-2.4 litres capacity for FTV. As any dish special, Toyota now has two newcomers, i.e. Toyota Fortuner VRZ type and also the SRZ will complement the line-pu Toyota Fortuner G type claim, that a new generation of Fortuner has the power or energy.
This is certainly going to make it tough to bulldoze the streets contour not so good. Moreover, the Fortuner is also known as the SUV with the quality of the suspension was so good. A fusion-powered machines and extra comfortable suspension is certainly making a Toyota Fortuner not only engrossed when bumpy terrain game was invited, but will also provide a high level of comfort when invited to pitch in a smooth streets. At first glance, All New Fortuner this does offer something new. A combination of elegant design that the more dashing, supported a new engine-powered as well as interior design super comfortable, certainly will be more value on All New Fortuner. Now for more details, here is a full review about specifications and price Toyota Fortuner that Mas Sena serve especially for you all.
The exterior design of the more Dashing and Stylish thanks to the concept of the New Tough you Bold Design
In the first segment, Mas Sena will review the side exterior of the specification Toyota Fortuner featuring quite a lot of changes. If we observe in detail, to design the look of the All New Fortuner this time did indeed bring the feel of a really new compared to previous generations. No wrong if through concept design ‘ Stylish and Confidence which he carried, the All New Toyota Fortuner car appear more luxurious and classy. It appears from the body curves and more fresh grill concepts, as well as fog lamps now appear more elegant.
Starting from the front lights, All New Fortuner managed to appear more fashionable design with headlamp-Beam Bi-tech Hi Tech LED Projector more slim than previous versions. Headlamphis own already integrated with DRL and Auto Leveling so as not to dazzle the eyes of riders who are ahead of him. In addition, All New Toyota Fortuner also seems increasingly fierce blessing prominent design front grill made more striking, then combined with large dimensional foglamp glance look aggressive. Switch on the body side, the All New Toyota Fortuner looks quite stout and masculine with a back window narrows to the rear. The line of the body as well as minimalist look of most SUVS. The last part of the body to the rear, now also designed more dynamic with LED Tailigiht new model sharp design that manages to make All New Toyota Fortuner appear more stylish and bold design typical of Fortuner comes out before. With the design of the body behind designed higher, All New Fortuner as well pinned power back doo

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