Toyota Camry Water Pump Replacement

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Toyota Camry Water Pump Replacement
Toyota Camry Timing Belt Replacement

You can’t drive your Camry for life without replacing the timing belt, its pulleys, as well as maybe various other related components. It’s a big task, yet with some tools and also mechanical ability you can do it on your own.
Toyota Cars Using the 5SFE Motor

The Toyota 5SFE motor is a four-cylinder, 2.2 liter, timing-belt-driven, double above web cam (DOHC) engine layout. This motor is commonly discovered in the Camry, Celica, MR2 and also RAV4 from 1990 to 2001. (For a six-cylinder Camry, see my write-up on MZFE timing belt replacement).


( 1990-2001).

( 1999).

( 1987 – 1998).

( 1990 – 1992).

( 1990 – 1993).

( 1987 – 1989).

( 1991 – 1995).

( 1996 – 2000).

( 1999 – 2001).
When to Replace the Timing Belt.

Toyota advises replacing the timing belt for the 5SFE engine at either 60,000 or 90,000 miles based on the year of automobile manufacture. Possibly the introduction of Highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN) timing belts raised the solution interval. They likewise advise changing the belt every 6 to 7 years, also if you haven’t gotten to the mileage threshold.

Oil leakages from the area of the passenger-side front wheel may indicate a need to replace the timing belt as well as seals.

The 5SFE is a “non-interference” engine, implying that if the belt breaks while the auto is running, the valves and pistons are not likely to be ruined. Hence you can make use of these guidelines to change a busted timing belt, as well as one that is merely as a result of be changed. Positioning the camshaft sprocket as well as the crankshaft wheel at Top-Dead-Center (TDC) alignment is all that is needed for busted belt replacement.
Exactly what to Replace In addition to the Timing Belt.

Both idler pulley-blocks (the belt tensioner and also belt guide) should be changed with every belt change. If the bearings in any of the pulley-blocks were to lose their lubricating homes, the wheel could possibly wobble, which places stress on the timing belt, or it might take up, which would certainly cause the belt to fall short. Used bearings could be provened by a grinding noise throughout engine workout, a sound that slowly disappears as the heat of the engine distributes the continuing to be grease inside the bearings. This noise is a caution that you need to replace your belt as well as bearings as quickly as you can.

Although numerous dealers and personal gas station advise replacing the water pump along with the timing belt, the Aisin brand water pumps utilized in Toyotas are really quite long lasting. If you have altered the coolant at the maker’s suggested intervals– especially if you make use of Toyota’s own red coolant, as well as not the generic environment-friendly coolant some stores utilize– and also you have actually not been making use of hard, high-mineral-content water, the pump seals and bearings should last over 150,000 miles, based on my individual encounter with lots of 5SFE belt substitute tasks.

To establish whether the pump is put on or dripping, listen for a chirping sound from the pump while the engine is running. Additionally, during this job, after the timing belt cover and also timing belt have actually been eliminated, look for any kind of leak from the weep opening, or any kind of drag out the pulley-block when you turn it manually.

On 5SFE engines with over 100,000 miles, there is a good possibility that the seals on the camshaft, crankshaft and oil pump will certainly be used. These seals are affordable, though lengthy to replace. If the leakage is very bad, oil will hop on your timing belt and also cause it to fail too soon.

Additionally, when doing a timing belt replacement, inspect the side engine control rod (the “pet bone mount” or torque pole) in addition to the front engine place. These installs are intended to wet the back-and-forth motion of the engine. Too much flexing could emphasize the exhaust system’s flex pipe and also trigger it to fracture.

Inspecting the side control rod throughout timing belt replacement will let you know if it should be replaced; in my experience, it quite frequently does. The rubber vibration dampener inside the front mount has a tendency to dry rot as well as crack with age. A simple test is to “blip” the engine (transform it on for a split second), with the transmission in gear, while maintaining your foot on the brake. If the engine raises and also kicks back down, a new front place may be in order. Replacement is easy and also simple.
Time Required.

Expect to spend roughly three hrs changing the timing belt, guide pulley, and also tensioner pulley alone. Replacing the water pump adds regarding a half hr, and changing sprocket seals includes concerning a half hour each seal.
Devices Needed for Timing Belt Substitute.

Influence driver.
1/2-Inch breaker bar (if no influence vehicle driver offered).
1/2 & 3/8 outlet wrenches, box wrenches and outlets.
Wrench extensions.
Screwdriver established.
Needle-nose pliers.
Hydraulic or scissor jack.
Jack stands.
Plastic alligator clips (recommended).
Belt stress gauge (recommended).

The majority of Japanese cars use the complying with metric dimensions:.


Tools That Make These Jobs Easier.

At a minimum, to eliminate and also torque screws as well as bolts, particularly the crankshaft screw discussed below, you will certainly want a breaker bar. This is a tool of many usages.

The following boost is a hand-operated impact motorist.

An electrical effect motorist is also a lot better, if you could manage it. This electrical driver is the best I have made use of.
Parts You Might Require Throughout Timing Belt Replacement.

Timing Belt.
Idler Sheave (Belt Tensioner).
Idler Sheave (Belt Resource).
Gasket Manufacturer or Seal.
Engine Control Rod/Dog Bone Mount (Optional).
Front Motor Mount (Optional).
Water Pump (Optional).
Water Pump Gasket (Optional).
Camshaft Seal (Optional).
Crankshaft Seal (Optional).
Oil Pump Seal (Optional).
Timing Belt Cover Gasket (Optional).

Tips on Purchasing Parts.

The cost of the belt as well as components could vary greatly. If you want to use Japanese OEM (Initial Tools Manufacturer) components– the components that Toyota places its own tag on– you will want a Mitsuboshi timing belt, Koyo pulley-blocks, and an Aisin water pump. Other Japanese OEM brands consist of Denso, NGK, KYB, Akebono, GMB, and Sumoto.

Yet you can discover great parts from various other makers also. As Japanese cars change their manufacturing to the US, OEM manufactureres have actually concerned include American business like Gates and Dayco.

Every vendor featured at has actually been vetted, and normally supplies quality parts that last; if not, you could return them for refund.

Generally, any type of Fortune 1000 components firm must provide adequate parts. Below’s an appropriate Delco timing belt kit that consists of pump and also seals. Shop as well as compare rates, including delivery costs, for the best offers.

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