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2015 Toyota Alphard

Toyota New Alphard Hybrid Toyota showcased in the exhibition GIIAS 2015, have different machines with other Toyota hybrid cars like the Prius Hybrid and the Camry.
What ya roughly one car engine that makes it different from other hybrid cars?
Apparently the car Toyota Alphard Hybrid has an additional electric motor driving the rear wheels, so the New Alphard Hybrid can be found as a four wheel drive car (4 x 4).
Not unlike the Alphard 2.5 G, Alphard Hybrid machines 2AR-FXE. But there is an additional two electric motors on the front and rear of the car.
Equipped with Four e-technology. This car hybrid system will transfer power from the engine to an electric motor in accordance with the speed of the vehicle.
Electric motor will also take over propulsion when the car slowed down and then the system will transfer to the oil-fueled machines, while requiring greater power or high speed.
The engine was more sophisticated. How it works, at start-up or car began to run, the electric motor at the rear was working to provide torque at the rear wheels to move the car up to speed. However, when the car has been running with constant speed or high, the electric motor in the front wheel drive replacement work or two wheel drive, “explained General Manager Technical Service.
Dadi also added that the way the work, serve to increase the efficiency of the fuel oil. Then when the road uphill, back behind the electric motor works to give torque to help rear wheel traction. Rear-wheel drive did better used on the road uphill. There is a sensor automatically splits the torque at the rear wheels, so that it remains secure and efficient.
New Alphard Hybrid main drive electric motor. For the sake of its fuel efficiency, maximum output lower than gasoline engines, namely the 152 ps/6000 rpm. While the torque of an electric motor at the rear was recorded 68 ps, while in front of 143 ps.
Some other differences owned Alphard Hybrid is the chrome accents under the grilles, rims size 17 inches, as well as the rear suspension independent double wishbone and using.
Feature differences owned Toyota New Alphard Hybrid is certainly making the car one is becoming more comfortable to drive.

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