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Monday, November 26th, 2018 - New Toyota Rush

2015 Toyota Rush

You‘re planning on buying a new car Toyota SUV category and interest to have New Toyota Rush? Of course you‘ll want to know the price of a new Toyota Rush 2016 update. Before discussing about the price of New Toyota Rush 2016, it’s good I write down some information about the New Toyota Rush.
New Toyota Rush SUV vehicles fall into the category. Have ground clearence high and spacious cabin. New Toyota Rush fair demand by Indonesia as a community family vehicle. With a spacious cabin, surely will give more space for passengers.
In addition the streets undulating and in the rainy season flood-prone. Indonesia, making the community has very high interest by car SUV. Toyota Indonesia certainly saw this market opportunity with the launch of Toyota’s New Rush.
General Specifications
Engine type: 1.5 L 16V DOHC IL4, VVT-i
Displacement: 1,495 cc
Rear Wheel Drive Systems
Maximum power: 109/6.000 (Ps/rpm)
Maximum torque: 14.4/4.400 (Kgm/rpm)
Fuel Intake System: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injections)
Tank capacity: 45 Liters
The toughest competitor of Toyota’s New Rush is Daihastu Terios. The rivalry between the New Toyota Rush and Terios SUV on the market Daihastu medium and under very tight. If on this page you see the price of cars Toyota New Rush 2016, then how about the price of the new Terios?
Whether the price is significantly different or there is only a thin price differences? You can view the price by clicking latest 2016 Daihatsu link above.
On this page we will give to the readers about the price of New Toyota Rush 2016. With both automatic or manual transmission, as your consideration in planning to buy new vehicles, especially Toyota’s New Rush.

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